“We over estimate what we can do in a day but under estimate what we can achieve in a decade.”

Software development and design are topics that continuously fascinate me. Even before my career began, I have always embraced a D.I.Y mentality, purposefully learning any skill necessary for whatever goal I wanted to achieve. I use this same philosophy to build beautiful websites and applications. Since I was young, I have been passionate about technology; what was once a childhood hobby transformed into a career where I constantly challenge myself to grow as a creator.

After graduating college at age 20, I started my first small business in Cleveland, OH, developing and designing websites for clients worldwide – from Hong Kong to New York. As a self-taught developer, I'm constantly learning new skills to enhance my craft and remain on the industry's bleeding edge. I understand that great work requires dedication, and I strive to bring that value to every project and team.

With my ability to bridge together the worlds of design and development, I can carry a project solo and work with designers, developers, and other stakeholders. I found the most significant challenge isn't thinking of a new product but finding people who can effectively communicate with team members of different roles and professional backgrounds. In the ever-changing industry of technology, we need people who can act as great collaborators and orchestrators to build the best products.

In 2017, I moved to Japan to broaden my experiences both personally and professionally. This shift in my life has brought new sources of creativity and knowledge. I spend my free time reading, writing, and podcasting. As I continue in this journey of life and tech, I search for the answer to the most infamous question of them all. What's next?

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